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Rent a car in Tbilisi with automatic transmission

Car rental has long been a popular service that makes life easier for drivers. Car hire is especially popular in resort towns. Tbilisi is just such a city, so renting a car here is not difficult. Just keep in mind that in the high season, cars are rented quickly, and you need to take care of choosing and booking transport in advance. The greatest demand among visitors are vehicles with an automatic gearbox.

Hire a car in Tbilisi is the key to a pleasant stay or productive work

It’s not worth talking for a long time about why guests in Georgia and its residents hire a car in Tbilisi, it’s already obvious: whether it's a vacation or a business trip, it will always go better if you can move around in comfort, turn on the air conditioner or stove, avoid crowded public transport, and just be independent of route schedules or time of day.

Someone may naively believe that renting a car in a resort is expensive and not profitable. But if you figure it out, then a car rental will only save your precious time on vacation, allowing you to enjoy a carefree vacation longer. We can make a discount on cars even in high season. You will be able to see more sights; you can save on excursions, since with a car you are free to plan routes exactly to the places you are interested in, and not to those that the tour offers. And if you have chosen to relax in Tbilisi with the whole family or a large company, then car rental will be more profitable than daily trips by taxi and public transport for each of the family members.

Choose what car to rent

We offer a large fleet of vehicles with different classes of cars and equipment, so that each of our clients can choose exactly the car they want. Therefore, customers always leave satisfied.

As a rule, when choosing a car, they are guided by several key parameters:

  • cost is sometimes the most important criterion;
  • car class, especially if you need something non-standard: a minivan for a large family or a convertible for a honeymoon;
  • gearbox – here the absolute favorite is the automatic gearbox;
  • type of fuel, affects the consumption and cost of the total trip;
  • the presence of air conditioning, it is in all our cars.

Cars that are the most popular to rent

Since a car is not rented forever, and sometimes even for several days, there is no time to get used to it, so drivers prefer easy-to-drive and simple cars with automatic transmission. That is why in our fleet you will not find cars with "manual gear box cars" at all, even in economy car rental.

Why do drivers prefer automatic transmission?

Convenience and ease. Of course, the most important benefit is that the automatic transmission is easier to use, allowing you to focus on the ride rather than shifting gears. In addition, when you take a car in a company, it is easier to get used to an automatic than to a manual gearbox, which can have its own characteristics and nuances for different models of cars. You don’t really want to bother on vacation, so the automatic transmission is predominantly popular when hiring a car in Tbilisi.

In addition, if we are talking about holidays in Tbilisi, and in Georgia in general, where the mountainous terrain prevails, it will be easier to overcome climbs and hills with the automatic transmission. And you will definitely want to visit other, no less picturesque, Georgian towns, having a car at hand.

Is it difficult to drive a car with automatic transmission in the mountains?

First, we note that in the mountains you should be very careful using any car, since the danger there is higher than on flat terrain. Given that the driver must be as focused as possible on the road, the fact that you do not have to think about the clutch and gear changes gives the advantage of an automatic transmission. In addition, the automatic transmission has a special gear for traveling in mountainous areas. This is gear L, which means "low", that is, driving in low gear, not higher than 2nd. Of course, the driver needs to rely on his experience and situation, and not just on the car, but the automatic transmission still provides significant assistance while driving on Georgian roads.

Cars with an automatic transmission from RACE

The RACE fleet is with automatic gearbox cars, so if this type of transmission is very important to you, you can choose any car on our website and you will not miss. Sedans or SUVs, minivans or coupes - all cars have an automatic transmission. Among sedans, Hyundai Elantra, which is popular this season, among SUVs, clients prefer the reliable Subaru Forester or Ford Escape. The seven-seater Toyota Sienna minivan and the Volkswagen EOS convertible can also be taken with a convenient automatic transmission.

If you are still looking for a reliable car with an automatic transmission, then visit our fleet and choose for yourself the vehicle that meets all your requirements. Easy travel and good mood!

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RACE new office in Tbilisi
RACE car rental in Georgia invite you to our new office in Tbilisi. We opened a small front office in the city center near the city hall in the district of Saburtalo street Shartava 18. The central region is considered here focuses modern business life of Tbilisi.
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