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Modern architecture in Batumi, the building of McDonald`s

One of the attractions of modern Batumi are the new buildings, which can be divided into standard ones and those that are distinguished by interesting and unusual architecture. A number of construction companies, in order to set a trend in fashion, are building to high standards and make their facilities very attractive outside.

No exception is the Batumi McDonald's, which we would relate to the places that must be visited in Batumi.

What to see at McDonald's and why is it so attractive?

  • A building that represents, on the one hand, an ordinary gas station for cars, and on top and on the other side is a full-fledged futuristic McDonald's fast food restaurant
  • The whole room is tiered and pleases with a pleasant overview of the entire restaurant from each tier
  • An excellent place for children, because there is an interesting game room with a basketball ring and various things for entertainment
  • Many seats are made in the form of sofas, which is not standard for fast food restaurants, the main task of which, a large number of checks and visitors per hour
  • The open area, made on the third floor with a large lawn in the form reminiscent of hanging gardens, a wide variety of different colors

McDonald's in Batumi should be visited not because of eating there, it's just an interesting architectural place, such a restaurant is unique in its copy.

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