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Alphabet Tower – the highest building in Batumi

Everybody who was at least once in Batumi has seen the Alphabet Tower. And the matter is not that it is famous and original and it is an authentic building and analogues do not exist. The matter is that the Alphabet Tower is 135 meters and it rises above all hotels and skyscrapers.

Some facts about the tower

Alphabet Tower was built in 2012 according to the idea of Spain architect Alberto Domingo Cabo. The tower is located in the “Park of Wonders” on the seashore. There is a love and adore to the Georgian language: every letter of Georgian Alphabet goes round the building as a helical line of DNA, the construction consists of metal.

Alphabet Tower 1


On the top of the building, there is a sphere, that consists of 3 floors:

  • The first floor – there is nothing except for another lift that can help to get you on the second and third floors.
  • The second floor has a café, souvenirs shop, a couple of benches and an exposition of Batumi and its places of interest photos.
  • The third floor was built according to the technical needs, there is a tare that helps the tower not to swing as on the cost there is very windy.

There was a restaurant in the sphere till 2016 but nowadays it has been closed for three years (It seems that there was not enough visitors to pay for the work of the restaurant.

Alphabet Tower 2


Due to the ground in the sphere from which you can observe Batumi from the bird`s eye view and Black Sea seashore.

If you want to use a lift and get to the sphere, you will have to pay 8 GEL for the entrance (practically for the lift usage). Taking photos and videos is allowed in the tower.

Alphabet Tower 3
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