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Ali and Nino statue – the most touching love story

Ali and Nino statue is located on the embankment of Batumi, Georgia. It is the main place of interest in the city and its visit card. It is also called a statue of love.

Ali and Nino are the characters of Azerbaijanian writer Kurban Said (published in 1937). There is a story of tragic love of a Muslim boy and a Christian girl that fell in love at the first glance. Their love overpassed all the superstitions.

The statue creation

An architect and an artist Tamara Kvesitadze was so inspired by the novel that she created a moving statue in honor of the main characters. She was creating a statue for two years and it was done in 2007. The statue was shown at different world exhibitions and only after that, it was put on Batumi Embankment.

How it is functioning

Ali and Nino statue is constantly moving, the characters are getting far and close to each other again and again. Their story is shown for at least 10 minutes, and then the statue repeats its motions. It is a symbol of unity of a man and a woman, despite all the life difficulties.

The statue is eight meters high. However, such a size does not mean the barbarity, because its motions are smooth and slow.

Ali and Nino statue is created in minimalistic style. That is why the next its difference is that it has no hands.

A piece of advice: visit Ali and Nino statue when it is dark, it is lighted in different colors and it looks even more charming.

Ali Nino 1

How to get there

- On foot – Ali and Nino statue is located on Batumi Embankment, focus on Ferris Wheel, the statue is located close to it. - By car – you can drive and park not far from the statue (for example, at Alphabetic Tower) - By bus – the numbers of buses that you need are 1, 1a, 2, 4, 10, 13. In any case, before getting into bus, ask the local people or a driver whether you need that number of bus, or no.
Ali Nino 2
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