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Akhaltsikhe – the beautiful places to visit

Akhaltsikhe – is a city in Samtskhe-Javakheti region. The most famous place of interest in the city is a Rabat fortress.

Tourists often use the city where you can stay for a night and have a dinner / breakfast as the food and places for living are not very expensive.

Akhaltsikhe is translated as a “New Fortress”. But, till 1204 it was named “Lomisiya”, after that it was firstly mentioned in written sources as “Akhaltsikhe”.

Rabati Fortress

Earlier it was impossible to reach the fortress and now it looks more like a city. It is located on the territory of 7 hectares where you can freely walk and forget about the world outside of its walls.

There is no need to take a taxi to get to the city, you can have a walk from the city center on foot, it will take you no more than half an hour. The first written sources where the fortress Rabati was mentioned were created in the 9th century, but the real time of the fortress building is unknown.

Come to Rabati fortress in working hours (from 10 am till 6 pm), you will be able to visit historical museum near the fortress. However, bear in mind that taking photos in the museum is forbidden.

Akhaltsikhe 1

The church and monument of Queen Tamar

In Akhaltsikhe the Queen Tamar was immortalized and the church was named in her honor and there was built a monument of the Queen a kind of 10 years ago.

Inside the church on the altar, there are some pictures of Queen Tamar and others important for Georgia persons.

The church is opened and everybody who wants can visit it.

Akhaltsikhe 2

Sapara Monastery

It is hidden in the forests of mountain gorge. No wonder, that the name “Sapara” is translated as “hidden’. It was founded in the 13th century and earlier it was a residence of the family Jakely. Nowadays this is an active male monastery.

When you are going to come to the Sapara monastery, think in which way you are going to get to it. We do not recommend you to go on foot, the road will take you a couple of hours. The best variant is to use the car, then you will spend no more than 20-25 minutes to get to it.

Akhaltsikhe 3

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