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Articles, page 6

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7 things you`d better not do when you are in Georgia

If you want to be a respected guest in Georgia you`d better to do these things

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Visiting Georgia for the first time: what a tourist needs to know

Useful tips on how to behave in Georgia, so as not to offend the culture and customs of the Georgian people.

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5 facts about the Georgian language

The most interesting facts about the Georgian language, the article will be interesting not only for the beginners but also for those who are studying the language, language status, the most ancient language, alphabet, less is more

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These driver's licenses are valid in Georgia

Why some driver's licenses are valid in Georgia, while others are not. Who needs to get an international driver's license and why.

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Cabrio summer

Plan your summer vacation in advance! Promotional conditions for rental cabriolets for the summer of 2019

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Car rental in Georgia for 16 GEL ($ 6)

Superlow price! Order auto now for $6 (16 LAR)

articles 42

Shardeni street

Visit the beautiful colorful street that resembles a French boulevard - Shardeni street in Tbilisi. What interesting is located on this street and what you will encounter.

articles 41

Shaverma in Georgia or how to eat cheap

The question of cheap food on vacation is always relevant for a budget tourist. If you decide to visit Georgia, then you will definitely find where to eat even cheaper.

articles 40

The reverse side of new buildings in Batumi and Georgia

You probably heard many times about new buildings in Batumi or Georgia and how to buy them. We want to show the reverse side of new buildings in Batumi and Georgia within the framework of this publication.

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Beautiful building in Tbilisi, storehouse

If you arrived to Tbilisi airport and so it happened that you drove late at night or evening into the city, you could not pay attention to several beautiful buildings along the highway....