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Batumi - the sea, the sun, beautiful buildings and cars

The value of Batumi is not only historical, it is also modern buildings, houses and places where you will be interested to take a few photos, just look and drive.


Embankment in Batumi

Batumi is not only a sea, fruit and wine, it is still a very cool city. There are many new buildings, although there the old Adzharian culture is mixed up with the Soviet heritage, modern new buildings and masterpieces of architecture of the XXI century.


Movement in Georgia, the features of driving a car

Georgia is a party and signer of almost all major UN Conventions on road traffic, the rules are international, but there are national driving characteristics, violations of rules and penalties that you need to know.


Pay for parking in Georgia

In many cities of Georgia parking is paid, the cost of parking is not so high. Also, parking can be paid for a different period. All municipal parking and in each city its own parking service and pay only by the bank details of this company.


Super insurance – zero responsibility

Do you want not to worry about a traffic accident if you rented a car? We do so by ourselves, if we rent a car, we always order additional insurance.


GPS and baby seat FREE OF CHARGE

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Modern buildings, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Dwelling on the historical and natural landmarks of the country, do not forget that there are quite a few modern buildings that could take a worthy place among the architectural masterpieces of the world heritage.


International Classification of Insurances

Throughout the world, you can often meet with abbreviations, which help to reduce the name of insurance. We will consider the most common, we will give the answers what they designate, and also specify which insurance we have for you.


Areas where the rental car is restricted

We do not recommend the use of a car in the area, as under the terms of our agreement, the use of a car in these areas is prohibited.


New arrivals of cars

We are happy to inform you that in the summer of 2017 we offer many new cars previously unavailable in our fleet.

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