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Monastic complexes in Georgia

Monastic complexes in Georgia, about which many tourists and locals do not know, fascinating monasteries and their history


Winter resort in Georgia (Gudauri)

Visiting the best winter resort Gudauri, which type of sport you can enjoy and where to stay: hostels and hotels


The Peculiarities of Communicating with Police in Georgia

What to do and what not, when you were stopped by the police in Georgia and what the amount of fines you can get


Traffic Fines in Georgia

The amount, types, online check, how to pay the fines for violating of the rules of road traffic movement in Georgia


Car Rental in Georgia – what a Tourist Beginners must know

The demand on car rental services is growing very quickly. Georgia is no exception. Race company offers its services concerning car rental here. No matter, you take a car for a rent for the first time, or you a professional in this sphere – the article still will be useful for you.


How to Take a Car for a Rent in Tbilisi and Give it Back in Batumi

Choosing a city for a visit in Georgia, the tourists, as a rule, choose its capital – Tbilisi. However, if you came not for a couple of days in Georgia, but for a couple of weeks and want to examine not one city, what to do in this case?


Gastronomic specialties

Short description: the dishes that you must order and taste in Georgia, very tasteful, traditional food in Georgia


All the beaches of Georgia: the full TOP-list

TOP-list of all the beaches in Georgia, we have examined all the beaches and give you their full characteristics


TOP 25 places in Batumi to visit

Only the best of the best what you can see in Batumi, the most interesting excursions without a guide, TOP 25 places that are a must for a visit when you are in Batumi


Drinking Water in Georgia!

Which water in Georgia may be considered as the one drink, everything about mineral waters and waters springs in Georgia