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It is one of the most popular cars in a car rental in Georgia. For quite a little money you have the opportunity to ride a real Mercedes in economy class. The vehicle has a 1.7-liter engine, as well as a modern 7-speed gearbox, which gives the car dynamics, economy on the road. Landing of the driver and passengers in the car is quite comfortable and more like not a mini car, but a small minivan that was stung in size. The lack of a car is a small trunk. If you travel by four people then the luggage compartment is enough for a couple of large bags or one large suitcase. The minus of the car is also low ground clearance, which makes you slowly move the rails and "lying policemen". Do not worry, each car has engine protection installed, so it will not be possible to break through the crankcase.

Overview of the rental car Mercedes A-Class